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tv   [untitled]    February 14, 2012 11:18pm-11:48pm PST

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of the virtues is a charity. st. anthony's practices with that. it is with great love and compassion that they've served their guests. and i am just lucky and proud to be part of it. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, kathy and bill, very much. you know, every meal we serve, as well as all the services we're privileged to provide the men and women and families who come to us, are possible because of the generosity of the people of the bay area. since the day we opened, we have been able to do what we do because of contributions from individuals, families, and businesses. we do not accept government support for our work. it truly is san francisco's charity. the good people of san francisco who make it possible for us to get to do this work every day. st. anthony's it new dining room is a time when we're launching a special project, our capital
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campaign. just $5 million left to go on a 15 million-dollar campaign. i am feeling really good that we're going to get there. we're on a good track, because we have got some incredible people supporting us and guiding us. i think you will agree with me that our next speaker is someone who certainly knows how to put together a winning team. st. anthony's is truly honored to have the support of the san francisco giant's president, as well as the giants' pitcher who is getting ready for the season and cannot be with us today. let's welcome larry here. [applause] >> and thanks so much. good afternoon, everyone. thank you, sherry. father john, sherry, mayor lee, fire chief, supervisors, and
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bevon -- congratulations on your new role, wherever you are but it is a wonderful being here. sometimes people say to me, wow, third and king is the most important intersection in the city of san francisco. i had [laughter] got to say, as important as that is, this is the most important intersection in the city of san francisco at golden gate. [applause] hearing from bill and kathy, the volunteers, and being able to serve meals periodically and interacting with the guests -- in fact, i blew it today because blast, was here serving a meal, i wore my world series ring. as we were serving meals, you can imagine -- basically, i do not have the ring on at all
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while i was serving the meal. it was being passed from guest to guest. it was a lot of fun. and just very much related to what kathy said. because what happens is you interact on a very real and very human level with the folks that are here at st. anthony's, and it is beautiful thing to see. i think back to a lot of parallels between st. anthony's and of the giants. we are both over 100 years old if you look at the meal program and you looked at the origins in 1906 after the earthquake and meals being served to displace san franciscans, and the giants are 130 years old. st. anthony's has been in this location now for 61 years. we have been 54 years in san francisco. two locations -- three locations.
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c.l. station, a candlestick, and at&t park -- seale. wheat closed three months a year for baseball. the fact that it has never once been closed, this operation, i know how hard it is to run it reparation, any kind of operation year-round, and you have never been closed for anything, and to us that this is just fill in amazing achievement for this incredible institution. we have been longtime partners with st. anthony's, and we looked very much forward to helping to finish off the capital campaign and urging other businesses to participate. i would like to recognize a member of our ownership group who has been very involved, getting the giants involved, larry nimy, one of the honors and a longtime advocate of st.
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anthony's. and larry zito has chosen to affiliate with st. anthony's is his philanthropic efforts here in san francisco. he was involved in serving the 37 millionth meal. he has supported st. antony's throughout. he sent us this note today. he is in some pretty intense workouts, which i think we will all appreciate come april. we want that, right? he is in pre-spring training, but in peak work out a form. he will be here during the season to serve meals and to be part of st. anthony's. i will read part of what he wrote. he says, and want to congratulate the st. anthony's foundation on this historic day in san francisco. i regret that i am and able to join in person today as you
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serve the last re in the original dining room. i had the honor of serving the 37 millionth -- as intent and is, and i served it to a veteran. a quarter of st. antony's guests each day are our veterans who have proudly served our country. i find at st. anthony's provides nunnelee great food but offers hope and inspiration for the people of san francisco who are facing economic and personal difficulties. i am proud and honored to serve as the st. antony's spokesperson in the public phase of their capital campaign. let me throw out the first pitch to everyone in san francisco and say, let's be part of the miracle and build a new st. anthony's dining room for those that are so deserving. thank you to barry zito. [applause] please remember, st. anthony's will never miss a meal. we will be open for business. the giants and st. anthony's are
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a great team. thank you so much for supporting st. anthony's. be sure to wear orange, as i am not today, as you serve your meals. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you so much. the reason we are embarking on this major effort, and i also want to acknowledge the firm that is going to be putting up that beautiful building that you see behind me. thank you for all your support in helping us get this off and out of the ground. but the reason we're building a new dining room is because of our guests, and we feel that they deserve to be in a space that reflects their dignity. we want to set a table of hope that conveys possibilities for rebuilding and starting anew, despite the hardships they face. our guests are truly the heart and soul of st. anthony's. today, i have the privilege of introducing one of our beloved guests, ms kathy mills.
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[applause] >> thank you. i have been coming to st. anthony's for 35 years. in those 35 years, i can tell you tons of stories. i am going to miss these walls. this hate -- this place has been everything for a lot of people for a long time. and we're all very sad that these walls are going to be coming down. when i first came here, i came as a volunteer. then i got lucky and was able to be a donor. then i got unlucky and became a guest. but it is ok. these walls have been my refuge from hunger and poverty in general. the staff here has helped me with everything from going home
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less to the hospital, going to the hospital. they have taken care of me, and they have been my friends. these walls have been my home. ion's -- inside these walls, i have met angels. and released volunteers disguised as angels. these are people who give up their holidays and their free time to come and help people like me who are in need. but we must remember that even though we are so sad to see these walls go, we have something great to look forward to come a new and more beautiful walls. hopefully these walls will be more modern -- [laughter] and they will provide a facility for our staff and our volunteers to continue to serve and blesses through the years. i hope i will be a around another 35 years to appreciate
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this. thank you. [applause] >> thank you so much. one of our goals with all of our programs is to make sure that they are integrated, so that whatever door or program a guest interest, it opens up into another program that they might access to help them. father alfred is one of our programs. a 12-month recovery program for men to the gentleman who byrd as bad in that program also help us out in the dining room. some of them do blessings. -- they also help us out in the dining room. they do blessings and some have gone on to work in the area restaurants. they also serve an important symbol for our guests. because some of the gentleman in father alfred's center stood in line for a while, and now they
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are in a recovery program and rebuilding their lives. for some of our guests to continue to struggle in their addictive illnesses, when they see these gentlemen in the dining room, it gives them a little ray of hope and the sense that they can also take the first brave step and start anew. joining us today is one of our father alfred said the participants who has been volunteering. he will say a few words. please help me in welcoming keith. [applause] >> good afternoon, everybody. thank you for joining us today in i believe a very joyous occasion. i am 37 years old, and i am an alcoholic and drug addict. i have been given this chance from st. anthony's and the father alfred center to be a productive part of this community. i was filled with despair, no dignity, no hope. not only am i guess that the
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recovery center, but i was a guest in this dining room at many times. i am is sure you never pictured a man that looks like me to have the kind of despair. but i want to make it clear to everyone out there that it sees no color, not black, no white, no sexual orientation, not gay, not straight. it sees no lines of monetary value or financial freedom, for we are all capable or not so lucky in our lives where we end up in the situations that we end up. i am a u.s. citizen. i am also a san francisco resident. i am very appreciative for all that is offered and the help that is given and the meals that we served is only facet of what we need to do in this city to make it a better place and to make humanity and better principal in people's lives. i will tell you, not only do they feed the hungry stomachs in
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america here in san francisco, but they also serve the starving soluls with a simple smile, simple hug, and a simple warm place. we all deserve that. we all deserve love and hope. and this place in st. anthony's camino, it is like a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly. this is a change, metamorphosis to help serve the needs of san francisco in the greater number. it blows me away that 60 years ago they were serving 150 meals for the city of san francisco, and will now serve anywhere from 2500 to 3500 daily, and with many more to come. god bless all the selfless souls that does not only their pockets, but of their soul, to help better another human. please empathize with these people. we look at them dirty, not as less fortunate, but as people of
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choice. sometimes it is a product of circumstance. let's have a little understanding instead of a little judgment. god bless america. god bless san francisco. [applause] >> thank you. one of the other beautiful parts of st. anthony's is that on a daily basis, we have students from area high schools to come in and volunteer as part of community service. some of those students have an experience and they want to have a deeper experience, so they participate in an immersion program. sometimes it is several weeks, sometimes a couple months, where they come in every day and work with us. i am pleased -- do not go telling his school, but he did get out of class today to come, but with permission, i believe. so i would like to welcome
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kevin, who both exemplifies what the students in san francisco are doing today and also the future. these are the young men and women who are seeing service and caring for each other as a core part of their lives today and what they want to carry into their professional lives to make the fabric of san francisco ever-stronger. welcome. [applause] >> i would like to thank everyone for having me here. as was mentioned, i had the absolute privilege to work and live in the tenderloin for two weeks last summer, and i worked in every facet of st. anthony's, public store, the dining room. i ate every day in the dining room, shared a meal with fellow guests. and i would like to share a
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story with you that i think really exemplifies the hope, love, and dignity that is present in st. anthony and its volunteers and guests. it was the third day of my service at st. anthony's. we slept on mats every day. and this day, i slept funny. i had a pain in my neck, and i do not feel like working. i bussed tables and was quiet. i took a trade from one man and walked away to give it to the dishwasher. i am so happy that this man did this. he grabbed my shirt and said -- he asked me what my name was. and i said, kevin.
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i asked his name. and he said his name was and geronimo. and from there, a friendship really started and grew. i am so proud to be able to call that guest my close personal friend. we're all of the drummers. we talked about that. the last day, second to last day, i was sitting down with him having my lunch, and he tell me how he has been trying so hard to get a job and he had no luck, because he suffers from mental illness. he told me that even though he is unemployed and has to rely on
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welfare, he still volunteers every day. he finds ways to give back to the community, and that was so inspiring. here was a man who some might say hit rock bottom, but he had so much in dignity and so much love for his fellow human beings that he would go, even in a situation, and go and work for the betterment of mankind. it was that point that i said there are no excuses. i in my presence here is a challenge to all young adults, teenagers. you're never too busy. you're never too busy for social justice. you are never too busy to address poverty and to fight it. so i challenge my fellow students. please, even if it is not what the st. anthony's, find some way to go and serve, just serve.
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serve your fellow man. then you know what dignity means. i would like to thank st. anthony's for this opportunity. and geronimo and i look forward to the new dining room with open minds and open -- open minds and open hearts. thank you. [applause] >> i like that no excuses motto. that is a good one. thank you. over the years, and i think i have heard it today, many people, when they come here, they referred to it as sacred space or holy ground. people from different backgrounds come together, and
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like kathy and kevin a share, they share a meal. together, we find our common humanity. that is what really binds us together and transforms us for the better. and i think that there is no greater model for that kind of service, that dedication and devotion to bringing that, and humanity to the fore than our franciscan friars who are responsible for funding at st. anthony foundation. they have given san francisco and st. anthony's dining room a place where all are welcome just as they are. as we mark this special day for st. anthony's, i now invite father john harden, now the provincial for the order and the president of our board of trustees. father john. [applause] >> ok, linda, you can start your clock to see how long it is going to take.
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[laughs] before i start crying. christina olague is here with us, and other supervisor just came in. [applause] 26 years ago, this was my room right here. and i had the privilege of -- i hope uyo -- i hope you're not taking me, because you can cut it. i was living here with father tom was the little that i know when i was living with father alfred that i would be following in his sandals, not his footsteps. i had so many wonderful conversations. this was a genius, and he had more ideas than carter had pills. his nephew joe is with us today, and he can vouch for that. his model was you visualize,
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organize, dubie dies, and supervise. i said, then you agonize. he said, no, you never agonize. and down through the years now as we are at this kind of bittersweet moment, i was down in the dining room and associated with the st. anthony said different levels of ministry and a leadership for 16, 17 years. and i was down there today and -- this is a funky old building, you know? i am going to miss that. building something new is wonderful, because i think it shows that we believe in the dignity and respect of every individual the comes to st. anthony's. but there is just something
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about those walls down there. i had a privilege to talk to volunteers and ask them what they were going to be taking across the street in the temporary dining room. they always talked about dignity and respect, hope and compassion and love. i remember one of our former client safety servicers, richard, and he says, we're going to let you until you learn to love yourself. and that is what st. anthony's does in spades. i am just looking forward to this. father alfred wanted to end world hunger in 2000. it was an ambitious bill and did not happen. unfortunately, we're serving more people every day. but i think what people here in this room and so many people that will see the news coverage, not only in san francisco that literally a around the world, we will be here to help stop poverty and homelessness and
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hunger. it is so important that we have to do our part, not only to continue to serve meals with dignity and respect, but to wipe out hunger. it is so important to the i am so excited about shari's leadership. i cannot have left the foundation in better hands. she has hit the ground running, and i look forward to seeing this new building come up. unfortunately, i might be complaining, because i live right next door. larry, if you could keep the noise down when you're building, i would really appreciate it. or ed least cut it off so i can sleep at night. god bless you all and thank you for coming. [applause] >> again, i want to make sure that we recognize the fire chief. hopefully we have not exceeded the number of people in our
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space. [laughter] and i know we have a member from the police chief's office as well. thank you for joining us today. one of the things i also want to make sure is that getting all of this work done takes a lot of hands, a lot of people working together. i want to acknowledge suzanne sw vice-presidentift, of our board. [applause] and then i want to also ask all of the staff who are here to please raise your hands, because day in and day out, raise them high. [applause] day in and day out, they're the ones that are truly making sure that everything runs very smoothly and gets done, and we cannot do it by ourselves.
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this is truly a team effort. we talked a lot about teens and putting together a winning team. certainly, this is a winning team in st. anthony's. as we wrap up our press conference today, i just want to display for you, this is our final tourre for service today. and then it will go on display. this will be the inaugural tray for our new dining room at st. anthony's in 2014. meantime, we will fill it with that final $5 million for the capital campaign. off we go. [applause] thank you. >> for those of you who would like the opportunity --
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>> you probably think you know all about the exploratorium. but have you ever been after dark? did you know there was a monthly party called after dark? science mixes with culture and adults mix with other adults. no kids allowed. every week there is a different
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theme. to tell us about the themes is melissa alexander. tell us about some of the previous themes we have had. >> we have had sex ploration, sugar, red, blue. many things. >> what is the theme tonight? >> rock, paper, scissors. we are having a tournament tonight, but we have also used as a jumping off point to explore lots of different ideas. you can find out about rock, paper, scissors as a game as a reproductive strategy. you can interact with a piece of art created by lucky dragon. you can get your hair cut from a cool place called the public barber's salon. they use scissors only. you can find out about local
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geology, too. >> that sounds like fun. let's check it out. >> this is the most common rock on the surface of the earth. interesting thing is, most of this rock is covered over by the ocean. >> error congested a cool presentation on plate tectonics. tell us about what we just saw. >> we wrapped up a section of a lesson on a plate tectonics, here at the exploratory and -- exploritorium. >> are you excited to see people here having fun and learning about science? >> the people that come here are some selected to begin with, they actually enjoy science. i teach teachers to have fun with their kids. the general public is a great audience, too. they'reer


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